Gyngerella® Bar - Exfoliating Body Bar
Gyngerella® Bar - Exfoliating Body Bar
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Gyngerella® Bar - Exfoliating Body Bar

You’ll love this all in one soap bar! Cleanse, exfoliate, smooth bikini, legs and underarms with one bar. 30 day supply is fast relief for shaving irritation, ingrown hair, itchiness from hair regrowth or gentle skin rejuvenation of delicate areas.  Guys and girls love it for the  groin and bikini area. Made w/ organic ginger, Jamaican hibiscus and cranberry. Unscented bar has a mild natural scent from ingredients.
Benefits: pH balanced. Paraben Free. Sulfate Free. Esthetician Developed. 
Sustainability: Cruelty-free. Vegan. Biodegradable. Eco Friendly 
Purpose: Egyptian Loofah and Soap Bar : Cleanse + Exfoliate 
Nt Wt 5.5 oz  


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