Skin Chart

ESTHETICIAN:  noun pronounced [es-thi-tish-uh n] a person with special training, licensed to administer facials, aromatherapy, hair removal,  advanced skin care treatments, makeup.  Synonyms: skin care specialist. Translation: skin care badass 


Surprisingly, the rarest of all skin types! No, really you lucked out. Even toned with great elasticity. No oily T-zone. Never a blemish, never an acne breakout or product sensitivities. Flawless skin all over with moderate oil.
Most prevalent on hands, feet, legs and face. Dry skin is identified by body's resistance to retain oil for an extended period of time. Moisturizing with emollient rich creams is essential to reducing "ashy" appearance to face and body. Increased dryness prevalent during cold weather seasons, hormonal changes and extended sun exposure.
Lydia's Tip: "For dry skin sufferers, regular exfoliation is essential to remove dull, dead skin cells and reveal the beautiful skin beneath. Our ultra moisturizing Body Butter Creme and Sugar Scrub works like a charm on the body. Our Face Creme mixed with a drop of Power Pack C&E  hydrates and soothes dry skin on the face."
Tends to be shiny all over, especially on face, nose and forehead better known as the "T-Zone. Pores tend to large and visibly clogged. Face appears shiny throughout day. Prone to many forms of acne, blemishes and breakouts. The daily use of an antibacterial cleanser on face is highly recommended.
Lydia's Tip "Cleanse daily with a gentle cleanser that will reduce your shine without losing your body's brilliance, our SW&G Bar LITE is a cleanser that cleanses, purifies and calms the overproduction of oil without drying skin out, who doesn't love that? The Ultra Clear Skin Serum and Face Myst is the best way to get oil under control. Once under control grab a Quick Fix Pen to treat spot areas."
Annoying, chronic, superficial inflammations of the skin on face and body identifiable by redness, flaky dry patches, and severe itching. High sensitivity to artificial fragrances and dyes, detergents, soaps containing sulfates and fragrances.
Lydia's Tip: "Due to the dehydrated nature of this skin for most eczema sufferers, routine exfoliation is essential to remove dull, dead skin cells and reveal the beautiful new skin trapped beneath. The "BALMB",  sugar scrub and body butter is essential to soothe, beautify and renew your skin's natural color and tone.  
Generally different than younger skin and requires more tender love and care. Typically dryer due to shifts in hormonal balance causing a natural decrease in skin's oil production and ability to reproduce skin cells rapidly. Environmental factors and elements (i.e sun and climate) affect our skin as we age. Choose products high in antioxidants, and phytophenols to increase skin's elasticity and radiance.
Lydia's Tip: "Don't skimp on moisturizers ...Apply our Power Pack C& E, followed by our Face Creme at bed time to allow oils and phytobotanicals to penetrate and nourish at a cellular level while at rest. Don't forget about the body, the Body Butter is essential. "
Common to the face, neck, chest and back area. Acne usually occurs in teens and young adults. Adult acne is surprisingly popular. A consistent and simple skin care regimen will reduce the formation of acne. Always avoid any and all heavy creams on oily areas.
Lydia's Tip: "Wash your face twice a day, morning and night with an antibacterial cleanser like the SW&G Bar LITE followed by the Face Myst (oily). Prevent a breakout before it even begins with the Quick Fix Gel. Calm an ongoing breakout with our Ultra Clear Skin Serum."   
 Got Hyperpigmentation aka Dark Spots? Your best solution is our Rated "R" Brightening Creme. Use 3/wk for light-moderate spotting -OR- Use nightly for severe spotting. Sunscreen Highly Suggested.
Can be both oily and dehydrated or oily and normal at the same time. Generally oilier in T-Zone area (down nose and across forehead). The T-Zone generally has medium size pores that get larger towards the sides of the nostrils which lead to a shiny appearance. This skin type is all about balance and requires slightly more care than normal skin does.
Lydia's Tip: "Luckily, you can use a variety of products. The key is oil-water balance of skin by treating both oily and dry areas of face separately with appropriate products. To be on the safe side daily cleansing with our Face Wash or SW&G Bar LITE and weekly exfoliation for dry areas with our Face Scrub to polish away dead skin cells."
Common among men after shaving. Your skin care regimen is very as important, but if you're a guy you just tend to prefer fewer steps to your daily regimen.  Men generally have larger sebaceous (oil) glands along with thicker skin, leading to oilier skin especially on nose and forehead. Skin can often be plagued by hair follicles that never break skin’s surface and becomes trapped beneath the skin causing itchy, super irritated skin that may lead to infected hair follicles. A good daily cleanser, exfoliant and lightweight face lotion is the perfect start to a smooth finish.
Lydia's Tip: "Our SW&G BAR™ is KING. It's a patent pending 3-in-1 multi-functional cleanser, exfoliator and antibacterial soap. Clear your skin up with our Rated "R" Brightening Creme for dark spots followed by Hydrate After Shave & Moisturizer and call it a day."


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