Shark Tank Story

An Amazing Journey of Passion and Faith

by Lydia Evans

"I'm Out!" resonated in my mind over and over as I walked the green mile out the famous "Tank". Cameras in face, I fought back tears as they filmed the post wrap up asking how did it go. I poured my heart out to the sharks for the entire world to see. 

I was devastated!

My only thoughts as I fell into my mother's arms was, "How do I bounce back? What do I do now?" Dazed and confused, I flew back to the one place that loves me the most... Houston, TX. My tiny two bedroom apartment began to close in on me as I reminisced on Mr. Wonderful insinuating my home business was a "hobby". 

Hobby? No sir. I like long romantic walks to the bank.

While indeed a peaceful past time, creating products for sensitive skin was my mission. A movement of sorts that I was hell-bent on. I knew there were others like myself that grew bored with everyday basic, often bland, unscented products that offer no kick, uniqueness or swagger to your daily skin care regimen. The guys that would run me down at the barbershops asking for that "swag bar" constantly reminded me that the world needed what I have to offer. 

After all, I was the "Soap Lady"

I exhausted myself and my finances applying what I took as advice from the Sharks while in the tank. I was at my bottom, struggling to keep myself afloat and BOOM, I aired on December 5, 2014 three weeks before Christmas. My website went berserk! Order after order. Inspiring email after inspiring email. Wholesale request after wholesale request. It was pure chaos yet, everything I dreamed for at the same time. I immediately went to work.

There is no How-To manual. 

While an emotional and physical roller coaster, this journey has been nothing short of mind blowing. I consider it all a blessing. The happy customers that emphatically express how the SW&G® Bar has changed their lives to the upset customers that couldn't understand why their Dec 24th order wouldn't arrive by Christmas. LOL. It has all been a blessing. 

OMG! They called us for an update story.

Giving me a chance to give the world a sneak peek into this once in a lifetime journey of passion and faith. Allowing me to show the expansive growth of my #SensitiveSkinMovement and inspire fellow entrepreneurs to never give up on your dream. Started from the bottom, now I'm here.
"Be the change you wish to see in this world." -Gandhi




Sold Out