"This GYNGERella Bar is the TRUTH!" 
Crystal Wall | MixFitz Studio
“Fellas, I have always suffered from razor bumps, not anymore the S.W.A.G BAR is the best product I’ve ever used. Great Product!”
Coach McGaughey | NY Jets

“This is truly a breakthrough product that I use on myself and clients.  I'd recommend this product for ANYONE to use.”
N Evans III | Master Barber

 “This is a GREAT product. I love the S.W.A.G Bar”
Corey Vension | Co-Owner, Super Weave Xpress

 "The S.W.A.G Bar is a great product, I use it and you should too!"
Jimi Nu | Music Artist

 "There's nothing else out there like SWAG. I've looked everywhere!"
Donald Christopher | Attorney

"These products are great! Good body care is essential to healthy living. Glad I came across this brand. Thank you."
Tito Jackson, Musician/Songwriter | Encino, CA

"Feet Treat: That is exactly what that product is a treat for your feet.  I had been in my heels for an hour, I applied the feet treat on one foot and I placed the shoe on and I could tell the difference in the foot without the product!! I have been able to wear my heels with ease!! LOVE IT!!!"
Cynthia Montgomery | Houston, TX

"I received a swag bag at a Chloe Dao fashion show that La Bella Dolce sponsored. I really love the botanical bath oil. Very light and the scent is lovely! I have told all my friends about it and will be back to order some other stuff!"
Jennifer Liu | Austin, TX

"My girlfriend is a long time user of your products and she ordered a face bar for me and after one use that was it, I was sold. No more razor bumps for me. It's crazy how fast it cleared up skin. Thanks."
Johnny G. | Baltimore, MD

"The SWAG Face Bar is GREAT. One of the best soaps I've ever used. It does wonders for the hair bumps I always get after shaving my face. I have told everybody about this bar. Let me know when you get a Atlanta location!"
Roman Matthews | Atlanta, GA

"Botanical Bath Oil: These products were a real treat! The scents were fabulous and it was obvious that they are high quality – a little bit will go a long way. I like using just a few drops of the botanical oil on my skin after a bath or shower. The scent is lovely and it makes my skin feel fresh."
Valerie Mitchell, | Orange County, CA

"My husband is crazy with a capital C about that Swag face bar. I mean he really won't shut up about it. I got online to see about the products and ordered the Whipped Cream Sugar Scrub for myself. Needless to say...I understand now. LOL. I AM Addicted!!!!
Sharon Walters | Atlanta, GA

"I purchased the SW&G Face Bar for my husband and he LOVES it! I mean it really, really cleared his skin up...amazing!  I gave him the website and he will definitely be back for more. Love the aftershave too! Thank you."
Sherri Almond | Atlanta, GA

"I tried the Deep Cleansing Face Bar and I must say I was surprised by the outcome. I used it for shaving and I think the only mistake I made was not lathering up enough but my skin was so smoothe after shaving. It felt better than when I use the Edge shaving gel. I will definitely pass this info to other guys."
Marcus Freeman | Houston, TX

"I had the opportunity to try a collection of products from La Bella Dolce and I love it! The sugar scrub makes my skin feel amazing! I didn't think I'd like the scent because I'm very picky about how products smell on me but I am VERY pleased! It stays in my shower! Keep up the great work LBD and if you've never tried the products please don't wait!"
Crystal Milton | Houston, TX

"I just recently bought the Face Scrub.  Smelled great and felt great after I used it the first night. I usually wake up with an oily face in the mornings and the next morning...NO OILY FACE!  It felt like I had just washed my face!  What a great feeling! I highly recommend all LBD products!"
Monique Canales | Katy, TX

"I don’t support or promote anything I don’t believe in. I’ve tried the face bar for men and all I can say is AWESOME. So if you’re looking for some awesome body care products, checkout La La Bella Dolce I promise you will not be disappointed. IJS."
James Milo | Houston, TX
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