So just what was the motivation behind the creation of SW&G® Essentials?
The answer is simple: pure necessity.
In 2012, Celebrity Medical Skin Care Expert and Product Developer, Lydia Evans developed the first ever product of its kind in the world: the SW&G® Bar. This patented unique all-in-1 loofah soap cleanses, exfoliates & disinfects the surface of the skin in one use. 
After a successful career in the Medical Skin Care industry as a highly sought after specialist, Evans then garnered an extensive knowledge of wholistic skin care and product chemistry. She quickly became the natural skin care solutions specialist.  Providing treatments for the fairest to the most mocha of skin tones, versatility comes natural to our founder.  An amazing understanding of skin's strengths and weaknesses has made SW&G® Essentials the go to skin care line for people across the globe seeking solutions to everyday skin care issues.
Giving customers earth friendly, action packed skin care with great results is what we do. 




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