Balmb Solid Lotion Bar
Balmb Solid Lotion Bar
$ 19.99

Balmb Solid Lotion Bar

Pronounced "BOMB" - because it is the bomb.
The results will blow you away! This solid lotion bar melts when rubbed between the palms or when bar is rubbed directly onto skin. Nourishes dry itchy skin, eczema, newly healed tattoos, pregnant bellies and stretch marks in a FLASH. Bar stays solid between uses and will not melt. Use convenient tin to store between uses. 
Benefits: Made with Argan Oil, Hemp Oil, Vitamin E, Triple Butters (mango, shea, cocoa) 
Sustainability: Cruelty-Free, Sustainable Sourced Butters
Purpose: Nourish Dry Skin 
Size: 4 oz


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