SWAG Essentials New Liv LAV Love Campaign Supports Those Affected by Government Shutdown with Care Packs

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As Seen on Shark Tank soaps washes and grooming brand supports those affected by Government Shutdown through Liv LAV Love initiative that ships a free care pack to customers.
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1st Annual Entrepreneurial Expose Comes to Houston

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For Immediate Release   / Contact: Joy Lacy joy@joyofconsulting.com

 As Seen On Shark Tank  Entrepreneur Hosts 1st Annual Entrepreneurial Expose’

Business Phenom, Lydia Evans, CEO of SW&G® Essentials and other notable guests to Inspire and Advise on the Fundamentals of Achieving Success

 Sunday, November 13, 2016; The Health Museum, 1515 Herman Drive, Houston, TX: The 18 months following Lydia Evans’ first appearance on the hit show “Shark Tank” has catapulted her onto a platform of success for her line of Soaps Washes & Grooming Essential products, but not surprising is the demand for her personal brand and the information she has about creating, managing and growing a brand that has been featured in Forbes twice, included in multiple celebrity ‘swag bags,’ celebrity brand collaborations with Cedric the Entertainer and more.  With this success is a lot of interest in the woman behind the products and how she has established such remarkable success. Additionally, people want ‘in.’ “I am constantly asked how a person can become part of the SW&G® Essentials brand and I am now open to the idea of creating opportunities for this to happen through our new Brand Ambassador Program” says Evans.

 As part of the effort to share what she has learned and create a format for entrepreneurs to connect, Evan’s is hosting the 1st Annual Entrepreneurial Expose’. The event will feature an impressive line-up of speakers including other entrepreneurs Andrea Shrestha, CEO of LuminAID, Stephen Hersh, CEO of Biaggi Luggage and Neil Werner, Houston franchise owner of Cousins Maine Lobster. Other guest speakers include Joy Lacy, Principal Consultant of Joy of Consulting, Carla Lane, CEO of Lane Staffing and Gary Dante, CEO of Suit Mart stores. Attendees will gain insight on building strategic partnerships, starting and running a business, becoming a franchise owner and addressing staffing and other needs.

“My motivation for creating the Entrepreneurial Expose’ is to inspire entrepreneurs to hold onto their dreams. I want to arm them information that will save them a lot of heartache, stress and money as they reach different levels of their business.” Evans said.

The event will also feature a Holiday Shopping Bazaar with exclusive vendors from the health, fashion and beauty industries allowing for great networking opportunities. Goodie Bags, light bites and wine will put the finishing touches on what is proving to be a must attend event.

Tickets start at $79 with a portion of the proceeds benefitting The Rose and JJ’s I’m Me Foundation.  For additional details about sponsorship, vendor exhibition or to attend visit www.swagessentials.com

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Introducing the New Jaguar Paw Balm

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Beard Hand and Body Balm for next level swag... find out more here.
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Shark Tank Entrepreneur and Cedric “The Entertainer”Create Promotional Collaboration

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May 18, 2016                For Immediate Release                 Contact: Brent Beckett: 603-969-3922

 S.W.A.G. Essentials and Who Ced? Hat Co. –Hats by Cedric “The Entertainer”

Put the Finishing Touches On A Great Deal

 May 18, 2016: The “Sharks” said they would be customers, but not investors at the time Lydia Evans, Founder and C.E.O. of S.W.A.G. Essentials, pitched her line of soaps washes and grooming items to the investors of “Shark Tank.” Potentially regrettable for the ‘sharks,’ but a great turn of events for Evan’s in what was the beginning of her remarkable business building journey. Her success is so profound that Evan’s was part of a follow up story on Shark Tank, of which at the time, was the only follow up on someone who did not get a deal.  She has since captured the interest of countless solicitors.  S.W.A.G. Essentials is located in Houston, TX.

            Simultaneously to Lydia’s exploits on ‘The Tank,” the creative team for Cedric ‘The Entertainer’s,’ Who Ced? Hat Company were developing the foundation for a collaboration of boutique style products that are complimentary to hats and in real-time viewing of Lydia on the show she was identified as a ‘perfect fit.’

            “Lydia was very impressive and personable when she presented to the sharks,” says Brent Beckett, owner of Brand One Strategies & Solutions, the company responsible for coordinating the collaboration. “She is passionate about her products and they prove to be of the best quality. They make a great pairing to Who Ced? hats. She is precisely the person and with the line of products we want to associate with the Who Ced? brand.”

            Evan’s had to become business savvy quickly; Being selective and protective of her brand as the multitude of offers for partnerships and collaborations came calling. However, it was Cedric “The Entertainer” that got her attention and one she says was manifested from her start. "The collaboration between S.W.A.G. Essentials and Who Ced? Hats is a perfect pairing of products. Each is designed to help a person look and feel their best. This collaboration is part of the evolution and forward progress of the S.W.A.G. Essentials brand and I think there is power in the unity of our businesses." Says Evans.

            The collaboration is designed to bring together products that compliment each other. Cedric is known for being ultra stylish and refined. In fact he was just introduced by Kelly Ripa as ‘easily the most well dressed person they have on the show.’ All of the products included in this collaboration will represent the very best in what puts the perfect finishing touches on a well-dressed and groomed person. As Cedric put’s it “I enjoy representing the image of a well dressed man. It was part of my inspiration to start WhoCed? Hat Co. Now in our fifth year we recognize that being well dressed is more than just image it's a lifestyle. That's why are proud to announce our collaboration with S.W.A.G Essentials. This unique product aligns perfectly with WhoCed? as being Well-Groomed and Well-Dressed go hand in hand.”

            Elements of the collaboration will include sharing social media posts, cross promoted deals and incentives, as well as, creative/strategic thinking that support the growth of associated brands. Who Ced? Co-Founder, Gary Garner adds “This is our 5th year in the headwear business, our motto is 'focus on the finish". We are forming collaborative alliances with some of the best accessory and accent brands in the world. Through this program we are proud to announce the collaboration with S.W.A.G. Essentials. We can now offer our customers a variety of ways to finish their look and S.W.A.G. Essentials is a great addition.”

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Wed. Dec 16th Last Day For Guaranteed Holiday Shipping!

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